Women's sports have come a long way since Title IX, but we still have so much more to go. 


The Movement  

Real Active Women is about supporting female athletes and appreciating them for their talent. The idea is to inspire women and help society respect women's sports as a whole. I am tired of women being put down, told they are weak, not strong enough, can't run fast enough, and being told they are a good player for a girl, not necessarily a good athlete but specifically good for a girl. Also, there is so much pressure on female athletes to look pretty in order to gain sponsorships and media viewership. Female athletes work hard, but they don't get as much recognition and respect as they deserve. We want women to be confident in their athletic ability, and we hope to mitigate sexism.  After learning about Real Active Women and this movement, we hope people will become more aware of how women are viewed in sports and recognize how important it is for us as a society to support them for their athletic capabilities and dedication to their sport. 

The show

The TV show highlights what this movement is all about. We interview female athletes to find out their story, what makes them tick as an athlete, and talk about different issues in women's sports. Click on TV show under About to find out more about each episode. 

THE documentary

Real Active Women was originally intended to be a documentary, but the show actually came out first. This short documentary explains what Real Active Women is and how important it is to me. It includes a series of female athlete interviews. Most importantly it shows the impact Real Active Women has had on my personal life, and it truly is what motivates me to get up in the morning. It's what gives me strength and energy because I believe in it. It feeds my soul, and I want to continue to fight for female athletes. 

Watch the documentary below. I submitted it to a few film festivals so far, but I have more to go. 

My hope is to turn Real Active Women into a documentary mini series. Women's sports have so many topics to cover. I think it's only fair to do a mini series and give each of them their own story.